The Problems In Gl Home Architecture

Have you heard about the glass home architecture? Have you ever thought going to stay there? The glass home architecture is one of home concepts where the whole home covered transparent glass. Even the facade and inside walls is made of glass.

Glass was able to give a sense of luxury and elegance. Therefore, glass home architecture using the main ingredient in designing a glass home. The media glass used function to cause widespread impression in the room. In addition, the glass serves as the setting of light that comes into the house. In the daytime, the light coming through glass can be as heating.

Glass home architecture creates the impression of elegance and glamorous, but there are some problems were encountered from glass home architecture, namely safety. For the residents of this glass home are vulnerable to safety because of all the activities and all the furniture in the home is devoted to be seen by people around.

In addition to safety, glass home architecture is very difficult to get the power and water. Imagine how dirty the glass when the water flowed continuously. Cleanliness is the first thing that must be considered in designing the glass home architecture. This is because the glass home is very susceptible to dirty and very noticeable at all if it is not cleaned frequently.

As the biggest problems in the designing the glass home architecture is this architecture need much of funds. You must provide funding of more than 1000 U.S. dollars for each square houses. It is not to mention that you have to think about maintenance costs for the glass home.

Glass home architecture uses glass mirrors that add a luxurious feel. This is because the mirror is capable of capturing shadows glass objects in front of it.

These constraints in designing a glass home are not making devotees will not reduce the sense of amazed to the glass home architecture.